Digital Materials

Beside the export of its own publications Cartographia is ready to make digital maps according to specifications.

We are able to offer all maps in our portfolio in digital  version,  in raster format. Please have a look at our product list under downloadable documents.

You can use our high quality maps, map outcuts, in different:

-    publications                                                                   
-    books
-    periodical magazines, newspapers
-    website
-    brochures
-    advertisments, media
-    presentations, etc…

Maps will help you to highlight your location, network, activities…

According to your specifications & requirements  we can customize the maps with:

-    piktogram
-    logo
-    charasteristics
-    special themes
-    customized-design

We can offer our maps, map outcuts in  TIFF, JPG, BMP & PDF formats, in high print quality resolution.
Depending on their size they can be delivered per email or ftp.







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